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Neal Topf and Paul Catherall discuss all things CX related in an informal setting. A fireside chat without the fires

November 25, 2021

Spotlight on the Business of CX - Featuring Jessica Noble

Jessica Noble, MBA, CCXP, a long-time friend and supporter of Fireside Chats Without The Fires, joins Neal Topf today’s episode of “Spotlight on The Business Of CX”.

In this limited series of podcasts, Neal is joined by CX experts who look at how CX impacts the bottom line. Today, Jess and Neal talk candidly about a myriad of different topics related to this area.

Some of the questions that they answer include Is CX at a crisis point right now?, should businesses be focusing on niceness right now? and is does the person who is leading your CX have a strong business acumen? If not, is that really the right person to lead CX?

Jess shares her thoughts on how the return of CX must be seen in the bottom line, otherwise, what is the point of doing CX? What problem is CX solving and does that solve have a financial impact on the company? Jess also confronts the frequently asked question about adding new channels to the business. Her standard reply is, quite simply “Is it seamless and will they talk to each other?”.

Insightful, maybe a touch controversial but, ultimately, educational, this is a podcast that you do not want to miss! 

October 26, 2021

Season 2 : Episode 35 - ”Customer Experience of the Rich and Famous” with Dr. Phil Klaus

Prof. Dr. Phil Klaus from the International University of Monaco is today's guest on the podcast. 


Prof. Dr. Phil Klaus joins Neal to talk about his recently published article "What matters most to ultra-high-net-worth individuals?" The article, which is included on this link, explores what really does matter to those individuals who have everything? Do they have the same wants and needs as us mere mortals?


Dr. Klaus, with a passion that is very seldom seen, answers the above question, and more, in today's podcast. He explains what really matters to the uber-rich, why it matters and that a company's focus should be on post-purchase, rather than purchase itself, whether that's a yacht, airplane, assistance with financial wealth or a super-car. 


One of the major take-aways from the podcast is Dr. Klaus's 4 Step framework for improving #CX, including such items as the importance of personal relationships and achieving consistency and saving time. As Dr. Klaus puts it, time is the currency of the future of CX and , while you can't delight a customer, you most certainly can delight your company to bankruptcy (you heard those two golden nuggets here first!.)


Dr. Klaus also has a special call out for Christopher Brooks, and his world with the #CXWG2021.


Prof. Dr. Phil Klaus's studies: https://bit.ly/3pGQipM

October 18, 2021

Season 2 : Episode 34 - ”It Depends Trap” with Jessica Noble

Fireside Chats Without the Fires is thrilled to welcome back to the podcast, the talented Jessica Noble to talk about her chapter from the CX 3 book, “It Depends Trap”.

Jessica chats to Neal about how a cooperate event several years ago highlighted an issue of inconsistency, or, as Jessica likes to call it, “It Depends Trap”. The Trap, as Jessica tells it, is when a customer receives poor experience because they “called in on a Monday”, therefore, IT DEPENDS when a customer calls in to receive good experience.

Hear from Jessica about tackling “It Depends Trap” can have a positive impact on customer retention, employee experience, reduce costs and have a positive impact on the bottom line. One of the tools that Jessica uses to do this very thing is something called “The 5 Why’s”, how by asking WHY 5 times can help identify issues that are causing pain for the customer. As always, Jessica’s enthusiasm for this topic knows no bounds, and, if you or your business find yourselves in the “It Depends Trap”, then give this a listen.

October 11, 2021

Season 2 : Episode 33 - ”Seeing through the CX Smoke” with David Wales

David Wales, author the chapter “Seeing Through the Smoke” from the CX3 book,
is the guest on the podcast. 

David’s fire service background may not be one that people usually associate with customer experience, however, as he explains to Neal, his experience in this field has given David and unique view into CX.

David shares how the Fire Service is learning to include cx in their roles, and that there is a place for voice of the customer, honestly, who would have thought that? Through his stories, David shines a light on how, on occasion, what we think people will do vs what they will actual do is poles apart (not that it’s a bad thing at all), and, in one story, how listening to a fire victim opened a whole different avenue in dealing with the public. To end the podcast, David poses the question as to whether the fact that streaming services, such as Netflix (please tag) is a good thing? Does it allow companies to see us as individuals or as pigeonholed into certain boxes?

October 8, 2021

Spotlight on the Business of CX Episode 2 : Featuring David Koning and Robert Bamberger

Episode 2 of the spotlight on the business of CX see David Koning and Robby Bamberger from Baird share their knowledge and expertise regarding how CX impacts investment opportunities for customers and revenue for brands and companies. 

Today, they talk about three large events that have happened since the first episode. These events are the acquisition of Sykes by Sitel, Task Us performance since their IPO, and the second offering of Telus.

David and Robby discuss with Neal the acceleration of growth within CX, especially on A.I, where such things as content moderation are playing a more significant role. The projection is that AI will grow by 20% over the upcoming years, and stats, such as 70% of consumers under 25 prefer A.I. back up that protection. To learn more, please click on the link and download the PDF. Do not forget to sign up for the Baird monthly newsletter, where you will find out more about what is happening in this space.

Pdf link: https://baird.bluematrix.com/docs/pdf/f0928985-1695-4927-8822-4da1384ccb04.pdf

October 4, 2021

Season 2 : Episode 32 - ”Customer Experience 3: The Author of Authors” with Naeem Arif

On today's podcast, Neal is thrilled to welcome to driving and creative force behind the Customer Experience 3 book, Naeem Arif.
Naeem shares how the customer experience books series (now up to 3, with number 4 in the works), started. He explains how he was able to pull together an amazing list of CX thought leaders and visionaries together and have them all share their stories and insights on how CX can be improved, regardless of the industry.
This is an insightful listen, regardless if you have read the Customer Experience 3 book or not, for anyone who is looking to make a change in CX, for the better. Naeem, we salute you!
September 27, 2021

Season 2 : Episode 31 - ”CX Poetry” with Adrian Swinscoe

Adrian Swinscoe, the author of PUNK CX, is today’s guest on the podcast.

Adrian shines a light on the backstory of the PUNK CX book, and how, over a few drinks in a bar, the idea came to him. He passionately explains what being a CX Punk in today’s CX World means and why it’s important to “shake the tree”.

Adrian is very clear that the book is not the answer is all the challenges that exist within CX today, more so that the whole premise of the book is to encourage people to do better work. As Adrian puts it, “Following the crowd won’t get you to number 1. Are you an artist, or are you colouring in”

Lastly, Adrian points out how being brilliant at the basics will have a profound impact on your customers, that they will feel safe and sound with you and your company.

There is so much insight and intelligence that Adrian shares on this episode, it will get you and your company thinking about how CX is being run in your company.

September 24, 2021

”Emerging Horizons” with Lt. Col. Waldo Waldman

To support the upcoming SOCAP Emerging Horizons Event, Fireside Chats Without The Fires (the official podcast for the event), is very proud to have the amazing Waldo Waldman on the show to talk to Neal.
Waldo briefly explains what people can expect from his keynote speech at the event, also, he explains what being a fighter pilot taught him about CX as well as explaining what CX means to him. This you will want to hear!
September 20, 2021

Season 2 : Episode 30 - ”We‘re Doing CX Wrong, and How to Get it Right” with Nicholas Zeisler

SPOILER ALERT!!! We are getting CX wrong, or so claims Nicholas Zeisler in his new book (think you can guess the title yet?). Nicholas returns to the podcast to talk a little more about some of the topics that were discussed when he joined us last time, as well as an insight into his new book.
Nicholas starts by sharing why it's important to question everything, even starting by asking "what do you mean, we are doing CX wrong?" "what does it mean to be a customer-centric company?" 
We also hear why aligning data to numbers is fraught with peril and that certain CX KPIs do not have a direct impact on the business and its bottom line. To help address this disconnect, Nicholas gives his insights and thoughts a new metric that should help close these gaps. 
The metric is called "Brand Alignment Score and aims to improve the customer experience vs the companies brand values. in essence, this will help measure how well the business is doing vs what the business said it would be doing! Powerful stuff from Nicholas, and, to be honest, would you expect anything less? 
September 14, 2021

Spotlight on the Business of CX Episode 1 : Featuring David Koning and Robert Bamberger

In an exciting new monthly series of podcasts, Fireside Chats Without The Fires are joining forces with Baird Investments to bring a spotlight on "The Business Of CX".
Joining Neal in these sessions will be David Koning and Robby Bamberger, two investment managers who specialize in the impact that CX has on businesses and then, using their knowledge,  make suggestions on where companies and private investors should put their money.
On today's show, Dave and Robby share some current market trends that they are seeing, the story of TaskUs and some hints and tips on what to look at when considering investing.
https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/YSH9Q3C - Enter the link to become a part of the Baird BPO Distribution and get involved in our quarterly survey!