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Neal Topf and Paul Catherall discuss all things CX related in an informal setting. A fireside chat without the fires

Season 2 : Episode 2 - “CX Emotional Intelligence (EI)” with Sandra Thompson

January 22, 2021

The guest on today's Fireside Chats Without The Fires podcast is the amazing Sandra Thompson. Sandra is PASSIONATE (yes, in capital letter) about how improving emotional intelligence has a huge impact on CX. Sandra shares the 12 elements that make up EI, her experiences of great CX as a result of better EI (Four Season Hotel), and how EI can move agents away from reacting and to responding.

Sandra also shares how, in this day and age, everyone needs a Steve, even if it does involve a 3-hour round trip and how the sheer brilliance of Matt Watkinson, author of The Grid,  has encouraged her to increase her knowledge and not to simply accept the status quo.

And please don't forget to vote for Sandra! https://cxm.co.uk/cxm-vote-poll/cx-stars-2021-influencers/?fbclid=IwAR3H7xb0xLRVBmGAg0e55zCsP__YmzIt-9NiVrjaYEc9ta-G-gI2bnjIzIU

Check out Sandra's Deck: https://exceedallexpectations.box.com/s/und6npve072bhyn0wz3z8qzvoab5nqq3 

Sandra's CX Myth:
Empathy is something that front line staff should ‘do’ with during customer interactions.  MYTH.

Sandra's CX Quote:
Matt Watkinson:  The Grid.2017. pg272. ‘The growth potential from acquiring new customers is typically much larger than from improving retention’