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Neal Topf and Paul Catherall discuss all things CX related in an informal setting. A fireside chat without the fires

Season 1 : Episode 34 - “Are out-dated Policies & Systems the Cause of Bad Customer Experience?” with Bryan Horn

November 13, 2020
Bryan Horn is today's guest on the podcast. Bryan, a twice published author, whose latest book, "Get your stuff and get out!!", joins Neal and Paul to discuss his new book as well as how, in Bryan's opinion, policies are actually detracting away from the employee's ability to give the best possible customer experience. Why does it take three calls to get your refund? How long to wait is too long? Should the word "unfortunately" be banned?
Listen to Bryan share his insights and experiences and how one experience helped shape the title of the book. To find out more about Bryan and his work, "The Customer Service Revolution" and "Get your stuff and get out", please visit his website, https://www.thecsrevolution.com.